This episode we go nuts! For conkers and hazelnuts to be exact. Have you ever heard of Melch Dick, a forest guardian who punished children for picking...View Details

People across cultures and ages have practiced corpse medicine – using the human body or it’s secretions to cure ailments ranging from baldness to epi...View Details

We’ve made a podcast about pigments and colours because why not? I know you can’t see them but we’ve tried really hard to describe them! When Sir Isaa...View Details

Every 19 September is International Talk Like a Pirate Day and we thought we’d celebrate with some pirate tales, history and facts. We aren’t just loo...View Details

This episode we travel far back in time to look at some frozen dogs found in the Siberian tundra. These amazingly preserved animals are helping scient...View Details

Since the last episode Anton has turned 10 so as a little treat and a sign of his new levels of responsibility he selected the topic for this show. We...View Details

Anton is soon to be 10 years old! I'd love if you could send him birthday wishes to @curichildpod on Twitter, or visit our website: https://thecuriosi...View Details

28 June 1940, German bombers attack the town and harbour of St Peter Port, Guernsey. Misidentifying a row of trucks containing tomatoes for military v...View Details

Every person alive today is here thanks to pollinators – bees, wasps, butterflies, beetles and more. They are vital to all life on our planet but thei...View Details

This episode we look at the winners of the WriteStuff. It’s a local writing competition for school children and part of the Guernsey Literary Festival...View Details

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